Willkommen zum Campfire-Festival!
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Brain Strike

Apocryphal Productions
Brain Strike: An interactive game where mental acuity = world domination.

Using calibrated EEG devices, 2 players strategize how best to utilize their brains' strength to dominate the world. Developed especially for Correct!v Campfire Festival by Apocryphal Productions, Brain Strike is a fun (albeit cynical) way to see which of your friends has the mentality of a conqueror. Learn how your brain really thinks: is it your drive, intellect or intuition that gives you the edge? But, you will soon learn, a moment's loss of focus can cost you the battle. Mind matters!

Brain Strike is programed to read the brainwaves from an EEG (Electroencephalogram) that are filtered into the ranges of Theta, Alpha, and Beta to determine states of concentration/excitation and meditation/relaxation. Created by Apocryphal Productions as the next step in its exploration of brainwaves and their potential applications, Brain Strike is a video game interface where focus plays out in a virtual realm. Creator Brian Kiel studied programming at Purdue University in Indiana and Puppetry at the Art Institute of Chicago. He moved to Berlin in 2006, where he founded Apocryphal Productions to further his technology based performances.