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Maria Courtial

Faber Courtial

With the foundation of our company, our main intention was to bring more emotionality and fascination to the hithertho down-to-earth world of 3d animation.
Since 1998, the 3D photorealistic CGI reconstructions of Faber Courtial have inspired viewers, both in museums and in high-profile television documentaries. We have meticulously rebuilt the ancient world from Jerusalem to the Limes and have gone back 100 years in time to cities such as Berlin, Rome, Babylon and Vienna. Each year, around 90 minutes of new animations are produced in our studio in Darmstadt, which transport the viewer into different time, historical periods or inaccessible places.
As one of Germany's leading CGI studios, we have produced virtual reality content since 2014. Faber Courtial created the first VR production for German television, at all and won the Grimme Online Award 2017 (together with German broadcaster WDR) for the VR time travel around the Cologne Cathedral. With VR, viewers can immerse into hidden worlds and overcome time and dimension. The new technology enables us to provide a completely new perspective on the world. A very thrilling and demanding challenge!